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"Brent and Sarah built relationship with their audience quickly, capturing the interest of students and adults to hear their message.  Magic, fun, story telling and life long messages were shared.  Thank you for a great show!"

- Nola Collins - Principal at Mother Teresa Catholic School (BGCDSB)

"The students absolutely loved the presentation and many staff have made a point to tell me how great the presentation was too! That does not always happen, so it means something!"

- Sean Spitzig  - Principal at Canadian Martyrs CES (WCDSB)

"Brent and Sarah had the students and staff at Half Moon Bay captivated, engaged and inspired. All of our students, kindergarten to grade 5 were mesmerized by the magic, jokes and positive messages "magically" woven throughout the show. Brent and Sarah captured the attention of young and old and we all were inspired by the anti bullying / find your magic message... we hung on every word! Both presenters were professional, polished and so positive. We highly recommend this presentation for your school!"


- Aisling O'Donnell - Principal at Half Moon Bay PS (OCDSB)

"The students were captivated by their magic and more importantly their message which aligned well with the school's character development program. It is without hesitation that I would recommend The Anti-Bullying Magic Show."


Riley Lord – Principal at Lillian Public School (TDSB) 


It was a fabulous show, cleverly integrating magic tricks with an anti-bullying message. Brent and Sarah were both engaging and entertaining.  They had total audience attention at all times. Both teachers and students enjoyed the show. I wholeheartedly recommend this presentation!”

Beverly Pavan – Principal at St. Anthony Catholic School (TCDSB)

"I fully support this presentation as a principal and as a mother. The show really drove messages home in regards to bullying, building self-esteem and believing in ones self."

Bernadette Smith – Principal at Ross Doan Public School (YRDSB)


"We had Brent and Sarah's Anti-Bullying Magic Show at our school and it was an amazing presentation. The message behind the magic of Believe in Yourself, You're Not Alone, and Anything is Possible and that each individual can truly make a difference (particularly regarding the issue of bullying), is an important one for children. The assembly presentation made a positive connection with the students. Brent and Sarah’s high energy and enthusiasm engaged the students for the entire performance. This is a must see presentation."

Lorrie MacKenzie – Principal at St. Philomena CES (NCDSB)


"We have received so many positive comments from teachers and students regarding your anti-bullying magic show.  We even had some of our Grade 8 leaders use sidewalk chalk to spread your message on our playground."

Fran Hall – Principal at St. John the Baptist (WECDSB)


"Our students were treated to a wonderfully entertaining magic show by Brent and Sarah, who not only kept us spellbound, but taught us some very important messages to help build self confidence and eliminate bullying behaviour."

Monica Neuwirth – Principal at Stockdale Public School (KPRDSB)

"Brent and Sarah’s show is absolutely fantastic. They impressed both students and staff alike with their talent and as well their message of non-violence. It is the best show we’ve had in quite some time.”

Bryan Cinti - Principal at St. Teresa (WCDSB)

"I wasn’t sure how the message and magic would tie together, but it just melded so nicely. We really enjoyed the theme of inclusiveness that was presented as that is something we really strive for in this school board. By the obvious enthusiasm and participation in the show it was clear that the kids were really engaged and involved in the presentation. It was an A+”

- Joanne Knechtel - Principal at Bluewater Coast PS (AMDSB)

"This presentation was one of the best I've ever seen. Brent and Sarah deliver their positive message in a fun, humorous, and entertaining way. The students and staff loved it!"

- Tracey Chapman - Principal at Charles C. McLean PS (RDSB)

"Although we have viewed many performances at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, staff and students spoke about how this was the best show they had every experienced! The important message about how to speak up and help stop bullying behaviour was relayed in a fun and interactive way. Student involvement in the show is another key to its success. I would not hesitate to have Brent and Sarah perform for us again. They have inspired students to find their inner voice and do so in a “magical way”."

- Jeannie Armstrong - Principal at Our Lady of Fatima CES (RCCDSB)



 "The message was very clear about character and anti-bullying and coincides well with the character development plans that we do all year. The performance is well worth it and the value for what you get is very impressive. The students enjoyed all of the illusions and magic tricks that helped deliver what is a terrific message.”

Mark Bridges – Principal at Caistor Central Public School (DSBN)

"Staff, students and myself enjoyed an incredible experience
with Brent and Sarah. The students were completely amazed by their enthusiasm and their magic tricks as well as their very important message. The message fit well with our school's philosophy and I know the students have benefited from being involved in the performance. Now we can take this to the next level when we talk to students about bullying and what they can do to prevent it."

Cynthia Martino – Principal at St. Clare of Assisi (HWCDSB)

 “Brent and Sarah are well worth the cost. They magically weave their message of believing in yourself and finding your own magic by engaging the students and staff with their high energy, humour and MAGIC! Both teachers and students loved the show.”

Melissa Ann Vickery – Teacher at St. Luke the Evangelist (DCDSB)

"The show was age appropriate and high energy and the message was sincere, genuine and I really felt a connection was made with the students. Every minute we spent with Brent and Sarah was well worth it and I will certainly be recommending them to other schools."

Judith Gatt – Principal at Monsignor Castex (SMCDSB)

“We were blessed to have Brent and Sarah join us for a second year.  The Anti-Bullying Magic Show had our students engaged and laughing the whole time! The positive message they delivered continues to echo in our halls. They were truly amazing and reminded us that we are not alone and that we too have magic. We can’t wait to see them again next year!”


Heather Gerber – Principal at St. Gregory Catholic School (CDSBEO) 


"The show was excellent and the positive messaging was integrated into the entire performance.  Our students were engaged and amazed!  We received positive parent feedback as well."

Lori Rodgers – Principal at Lakewood Public School (GEDSB)

"The show was fantastic! Brent and Sarah played to the audience perfectly. ALL of the intermediate teachers have told me just how much their students enjoyed the show. Brent and Sarah had important messages to share and did an excellent job at keeping everyone's attention!"

Alison Ramsay– Teacher at Princess Anne Public School (TVDSB)

“We loved the magic show for so many reasons. The show was not only entertaining and engaging, but the message that Brent and Sarah shared was very authentic and meaningful. Our school does so many wonderful initiatives for bullying prevention and this show was a culmination of everything. They got the right message across and they did so in a fun and entertaining way that really made a connection with the students.” 

Diana Candido – Principal at St. Agnes of Assisi (YCDSB)

"The show is engaging, age appropriate and has a positive message for students about self-esteem. It has provided us with a set of common messages that we can further utilize in our school-wide anti-bullying measures."

Suzana Budetic – Principal at Middlebury Public School (PDSB)


"It was a wonderful presentation and I have already recommend it to many other schools. Their message was very important and they had the students of all ages on the edge of their seats and fully engaged in the show."

Margaret Lazarus – Principal at Sir John A. Macdonald PS (DDSB)


"What a great way to start the year! Students and staff were so engaged in the interactive presentation. My staff really enjoyed the message that was given in a fun way. Students were attentive and shared with me how much they enjoyed it. The day after a presentation, several parents approached me and said that their child(ren) spoke about the show all through dinner and was excited about the start of the year. I would highly recommend this presentation; Sarah and Brent have such a great grasp of their audience and were able to engage them and set a clear message to begin the year."

Andrea Fischer – Principal at Lasalle Public School (GECDSB)


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