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Husband & Wife duo, Brent & Sarah Nicholls, take the stage in this educational presentation like no other. 

Find Your Magic is a presentation that goes beyond the message of bullying awareness and empowers students to believe in themselves no matter what they may be facing. Throughout the presentation they share personal stories about being bullied and outline the steps they took to overcome it and gain self confidence.

The goal of every presentation is to inspire students to create a safe and inclusive school environment. Brent and Sarah accomplish this by spreading laughter, compassion and positivity through the halls of every school they visit. Educators are often pleasantly surprised at how well the show connects with students of all ages.

"They got the right message across and they did so in a fun and entertaining way that really made a connection with the students.” - Principal Diana Candido (YCDSB)

Throughout the show Brent and Sarah share their four "Secrets of Magic" which are: Anything is Possible, Believe in Yourself, You're Not Alone and Find Your Magic. These secrets serve as the framework for the entire presentation and the magic used to illustrate these points is extremely engaging for the students. Audiences can’t help but feel a connection with the message and students are left feeling empowered when they realize the positive impact they can have on others.

"The message was sincere, genuine and I really felt a connection was made with the students. Every minute we spent with Brent and Sarah was well worth it." - Principal Judith Gatt (SMCDSB)

Brent and Sarah define bullying in such a way that students will be able to easily identify it when it’s happening. They also give students the tools they need to deal with bullying, whether it’s happening to them or someone they know. The presentation is just the beginning. After the show both teachers and students are
given additional resources to enable them to continue the conversation at home and in the classroom. The presentation is designed in a way that schools can take the messages and use them throughout the entire year.



Included with the presentation are the following resources that help teachers and students discuss bullying prevention year round.

  • Each classroom will receive a "Find Your Magic" poster to hang in the classroom. 

  • Each student will be given a "Find Your Magic" postcard with the 4 secrets and a fill in the blanks activity.

  • Each teacher will receive a postcard with more information about a teacher resource website where, as a class, staff and students can come together to learn some amazing magic tricks. Brent and Sarah teach these tricks in interactive videos. Also included in this website are inspirational videos that relate directly to the presentation and it's 4 key messages. 

At most schools Brent and Sarah perform two presentations (A K-3 Show and a 4-8 Show) and each presentation is almost completely different and catered to the age of the students involved.

The cost
 varies based on the size of the school and number of presentations booked. Click for pricing

For more information and cost please fill out our online contact form and we will send you our digital information package with details about cost and options that are available to you.


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