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Live on Global's "The Morning Show"

Live on CHCH's "Morning Live"


The presentation is just the beginning. After the show the learning continues...

Classroom Poster

Student Postcard

Teacher Postcard

After the presentation every student is given this postcard. On the front there is a picture of Brent and Sarah and the 4 "secrets" that are covered in length during the presentation.

On the back is a fill in the blanks activity where each student gets to "find their magic" by sharing their story and consider what makes them special and unique. 

This is a sample of the poster that every teacher is given to hang up in their classroom after the presentation.

The Resource Website

Learning how to perform and present a magic trick can be a huge self confidence builder with children and teenagers. We have specifically designed a website that gives teachers the opportunity to bring magic into their classroom. 

Apart from learning magic tricks each class will also be able to watch videos that tie directly into the presentation and it's messages. 

Each teacher is given a postcard with a link to a learning resource website and more information for classroom follow up.

Vist the website by clicking below and see for yourself:


If you have booked Brent and Sarah to visit your school you can use the following materials to promote the presentation.

8.5" x 10" Poster

11" x 17" Poster

Announcements Script

Information Flyer

Click the PDF icon to view any files at full resolution. Right Click and "Save Target As" to Download any files.

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